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Signature Spa Treatments

Santhiya Signature Massage90 mins2,990++
Santhiya Signature Massage is a combination of massage techniques includes Aroma Relaxing Massage (Hot essential oil Special for this treatment), ancient Thai Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Ayurveda (therapeutic). These help circulation of blood vessel and restore flexibility and energy flow of body. This treatment also helps in the elimination of wastes accumulated in the body’s nature flow of lymph. Please rest assured that Santhiya Signature Massage will help to balance body and spirit.
Hot Stone Massage90 mins2,990++
Hot Stone Massage using specially heated volcanic lava stones combined with Swedish style massage movements. The heat from the stones helps to increase your heart rate and helps to regulate your blood flow. It also helps to rid muscles of toxic waste products. Hot Stone Massage can also be used to help relieve stress, depression and is also effective in the relief of some skin disorders.
Jet Lag Retreats90 mins2,990++
Release muscle tension and stimulate circulation with rebalancing massage to adjust your body’s internal
clock, using exclusive gold oil. Fulfill the whole relaxing of your body with a rejuvenate foot mask.
The Secret of Siam Herbal Compress90 mins2,990++
This therapy is based on Traditional Thai Massage which stretches your body and the heat from the blended herbs penetrate and soothe your tense body-leaving you feel deeply relaxed and revitalized.
Aroma Relaxing Massage60/90 mins1,750++/2,350++
Let the sweet smell of aromatic herbal oil sooth and relax your senses. This 1 hour treatment uses only the finest oil along with smooth Swedish massage technique for a perfect escape to paradise.
Swedish Massage60/90 mins1,750++/2,350++
The ultimate relaxing massage using soothing hand movement which work into the muscle and soft tissue to induce relief from stress and tension.
Sport Massage60/90 mins1,750++/2,350++
After a long day out on the beach, your body deserves a powerful yet calming way to ease tense muscles and open the body’s natural pathways.
Thai Massage60/90 mins1,750++/2,350++
Ancient Thai Massage secrets unfold as your body goes on a journey towards complete stress and tension release. Passed down from generation to generation, the Thai Massage is treasured among all.
Aloe Vera after Sun Massage60/90 mins1,750++/2,350++
Calm the skin and prepare it for another day with gentle, Thai and Aromatherapy strokes to give your skin maximum rest and relaxation.
Foot Massage60 mins1,500++
Enjoy a relaxing Foot Massage in open air and glorious natural surroundings. This 1 hour massage combines Thai massage, fragrant Mint Scrub and Milk Bath for your tried feet.
Head, Back and Shoulder Massage60 mins1,750++
The massage at upper body part helps relaxing and easing tenses at head, neck, and shoulder.
Coconut Body Scrub60 mins1,750++
Luxuriate in gloriously smooth skin with our Thai Coconut Butter Body Scrub. Finely ground Loofah exfoliates
as rich and nourishing Coconut and Shea Butter provide lasting moisture to your skin. A familiar Thai fruit, the
tangy and AHA-rich Tamarind gifts your complexion with vibrancy
Gold Body Scrub60 mins1,750++
All that glitters really is gold with our lavish Gold Body Scrub Gel. Relish the palpable luxury as Apricot Seed
delicately exfoliates and Aloe Vera provides continuous moisture. Fresh Cucumber ensures a visibly more
radiant skin and the entwined scents of healing Chamomile and Clary Sage bestow serenity
Green Tea Body Scrub60 mins1,750++
Turn back the clock with Green Tea Body Scrub and feel instantly restored. Mellow Green Tea soothes as it
heals and nourishes your complexion while exfoliating Apricot and Rice Seed delicately refine your skin.
Aloe Vera After Sun Body Wrap60 mins1,750++
Do not let the scorching sun beat your body down. Let the natural healing powers of the rejuvenating Aloe Vera plant soothe and pamper your skin to minimize the sun's harmful UV rays.
Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Body Mask60 mins1,750++
Shield yourself from the ravages of time with our Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Body Mask. Anti-oxidant champion
Green Tea is supported by healing Chamomile and adeptly protects your skin from signs of premature aging as
AHA-rich Tamarind regenerates and reveals glowing new skin.
Anti-Aging Facial60 mins1,750++
A highly concentrated treatment helps combat visible lines and smoothed skin texture while helping to prevent and correct the sighs of aging, a multi-vitamin serum and a hydrating.
Revitalizing Facial60 mins1,750++
This treatment deeply moisturizes dehydrated skin conditions. The product contains natural active ingredients which help to reduce fine line, restore suppleness and balance the complexion. Ideally for normal and dry skin.
Sunburn Soothing Facial60 mins1,750++
This ancient Thai sunburn remedy has worked wonders for those who have been over exposed to the grueling ray of the sun. Our Aloe Vera masks to sooth your skin and get your face on the road to recovery.
Manicure Nail Polish60 mins750++
Remove the old color. Nails can be buffed to health shine followed with the polish of your choice.
Pedicure Nail Polish60 mins750++
Remove the old color. Nails can be buffed to health shine followed with the polish of your choice.
Spa Manicure 60 mins1,250++
A pampering hand and nail spa manicure that includes a rejuvenating hand scrub, massage. Nails can be buffed to health shine followed with the polish of your choice.
Spa Pedicure60 mins1,250++
A total treatment removes hard and dry skin by a foot scrub, massage and foot soak to relieve tired and fatigued legs and feet. Nails can be buffed to healthy shine and complete the pedicure with your choice or polish.
Remove Gel Nails30 mins/60 mins500++/ 1,250++
Little Foot and Ankle Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Aroma Kid Massage
Mani for Me
Pedi for Me
Total Colorful Mani & Pedi
30 mins
30 mins
60 mins
30 mins
30 mins
60 mins

** Kids spa menu is available for children aged between 5 – 12 years old and an adult must be present in the room throughout the treatment room.***

Family Spa Journey
Mother & Daughter90 mins3,500++
- Aroma Relaxing Massage using a natural coconut oil
- Honey & Yogurt Facial Mask with Cucumber Eye Mask or Manicure or Pedicure Nail Polish
Father & Son60 mins2,900++
- A full body oil massage following with head and foot massage

**Family Spa Journey is available for kid’s age between 5-12 years old**

***Gel Nails, Shellac, PVC trim, Acrylic Nails and French Nails Manicure & Pedicure
Service is not available***

All prices are quoted in Thai Baht and subject to 10% service charge & 7% government tax