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Sand Bath Therapy

The Japanese innovative as a new type health care stones which compound by variety natural mineral materials from high temperature firing which the far-infrared ray (FIR) and negative ions are released to effectively detox your body and eliminate fat through sweating. The concept of Sand Bath Therapy is to detoxify the body through perspiration and induced by the heat.

Cover yourself in warm sand from chest to toes, as your body indulges in a detoxifying experience from the incredible minerals present in the sand. Discover the rejuvenating power of our Sand Bath Therapy today.

Sand Bath Therapy Benefits:

    ✔ Circulatory system improvement: promote cells regeneration, absorb disease, anti-inflammatory enhance blood circulation, and reduce blood viscosity

    ✔ Tension relief in deep tissue levels: reduce the pain of neuralgia and neuritis

    ✔ Appearance of skin and overall elasticity improvement: remove the wrinkle and beautify skin, stimulate and increase flexibility in skin cells

    ✔ Deep detoxification and weight controlling: extract 70%-80% of body wastes, dissolve fat detoxification, promoting diuresis, and treating constipation

Sand Bath Therapy Procedures:

  • Measure blood pressure, take body temperature and ask medical history
  • After showering and changing clothes, you need to drink a glass of water as this treatment extracts lots of sweat.
  • Get into a sand bath and your body will be covered by sand for 30 minutes.
  • After the therapy, relax for 5-10 minutes and shower to clean your body
  • Relax body muscles with Aroma Massage which help to balance body health and assist in sleeping better


  • Sand Bath Therapy 30 minutes
  • Aroma Relaxing or Thai Massage 60 minutes
    THB 3,900 Net/ Person
    ** Special Offer THB 5,900 Net/ Couple **
  • Sand Bath Therapy 30 minutes
    THB 2,500 Net/ Person
    ** Special Offer THB 3,500 Net/ Couple **

Hours: 10.00 hrs. to 21.00 hrs. (last booking 19.30 hrs.)

Terms & Conditions:

* This promotion will be available to 31st March 2024.

* This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any online offers or promotions.

* Advance reservation is highly recommended. Please call 555 or contact Spa Reception.