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Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

Incorporate elements of traditional Thai nuptials into your wedding with the Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony, which includes:

* Thai ceremonial blessing in the presence of holy monks at a temple or the resort
* Religious ceremony
* Meal and alms for holy monks
* Thai wedding costumes for bride & groom
* Flowers, incense and candles religious ceremony
* Master of Thai wedding ceremony
* Traditional lucky charm string bracelets for bride, groom and participants
* Thai garland for the wedding couple
* Ceremonial set up and floral decorations
* Bridal bouquet
* Flowers for bridal hair styling
* Engagement ceremony
* Wedding ceremony certificate (non official)
* Welcome drink
* Romantic private dinner for bride and groom

Suggested sequence of the wedding ceremony:
* The ceremony officially begins as the monks arrive at the wedding venue
* The guests are gracefully led in procession to the wedding venue by the long drum parade
* The bride and the groom’s closest friends, family and well-wishers greet the couple
* Fragrant neck garlands are offered to the couple. The groom presents the bridal bouquet to the bride
* The bride and groom are invited to light candles and incense sticks
* In a peaceful and serene atmosphere, the Buddhist monks commence the blessing ceremony
* To symbolise this new union holy thread is placed over the newlyweds’ heads while their forehead is marked with powder for good luck and lifelong prosperity
* After ceremonial offerings are made to the Buddhist monks, the couple and all guests are blessing with a final sprinkling of holy water as the wedding ceremony comes to an end
* Bearing witness to the start of the couple’s new life, all attending guests pour scented holy water over the newlyweds’ hands and wish them well for their future together

Approximate duration of the wedding ceremony: 2 hours
Package price: THB 49,000