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Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

Traditional Thai Wedding Package with blessings done by monks

THB 75,000 ++

(All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 10% Service Charge and 7% Government Tax.)


  • A traditional Thai wedding venue with fresh floral décor
  • Thai-background music
  • Traditional Thai long-drum procession with dancers in traditional Thai costuming
  • Buddhist wedding ceremonial rites with the presence of Thai monks
  • Water blessing ceremony
  • Traditional Thai neck garlands for the wedding couple
  • Certificate of wedding ceremony issued by the hotel (non-legal)
  • 3-tier wedding cake
  • Meal and almsgiving for holy monks
  • Flower, incense, and candles for religious ceremony
  • Traditional lucky charm string bracelets for the couple and guests


1.) Private candle-lit honeymoon wine and dinner for two

2.) In-room welcome fruit basket  

3.) Wedding gift for the couple from the hotel

4.) Honeymoon room floral décor after the wedding  

Suggested sequence of the wedding ceremony:

  1. The ceremony officially begins when the monks arrive at the wedding venue.
  2. The guests are led in procession to the wedding venue by the long drum parade.
  3. Bride and groom take the front seats together. Monks arrive, and are seated on the stage (everybody places their hands together to salute the monks as they pass by). The couple light up candles and incense sticks while showing their respect to the Triple Gem. This is done by kneeling before the image of Buddha and then sitting at the front while the five Buddhist precepts are vowed by staff. Monks chant prayers of health, happiness and prosperity for the wedded couples’ marriage.
  4. Bride and groom will donate food to the monks. Bride and groom will then donate gifts to the monks. The couple pours water into the bowl in order to offer spiritual merit to their ancestors, relatives and others that are alive or passed away. Monks shower the couple in holy water as a sign of good health & luck. Once this religious ceremony has been completed, the couple then takes a photo with the monks before departing. During departure of the monks, the couple and all wedding guests offer alms to them as they pass by.
  5. Signing of the symbolic marriage certificate, offering and exchanging of rings and the taking of photos occur shortly after. The couple is seated on stage, with the bride on the left and groom on the right hand side. Elaborate flower garlands and holy strings will be offered to the couple by the Groom’s grandmother and powder is placed on the couples forehead. The groom’s grandmother followed by the bride’s parents will then pour sacred water from the conch shell onto the couple’s hands while blessing them (symbolizes the eternal happiness of family life).
  6. Parents of the groom will also pour sacred water followed by the seniors and guests as they bless the couple in the same way as the mother of the bride did. The holy strings will be taken off by Bride’s grandfather and handed to the couple for keepsake. This will be brought back to their home.
  7. Duration of the entire ceremony is 2 hours.