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Santhiya Membership Levels

Don’t miss out on additional benefits! Log in now through Santhiya.com and elevate your membership tier by spending on accommodations, facilities, services, and dining experiences (excluding outsourced services).

Santhiya Member

Log-in through the website

Automatically receive a 5% Cashback!

Santhiya Silver Member

Spend amount 100,001 THB up to 200,000 THB

Receive a 10% Cashback!

Santhiya Gold Member

Spend amount 200,001 THB up to 300,000 THB

Receive a 15% Cashback!

Santhiya Platinum Member

Best Value! Spend amount exceeding 300,000 THB

Receive a 20% Cashback!

Terms & Conditions:

  • The Cashback can be applied to all 4 resorts with no expiration date.
  • The Cashback utilization is available for all specified terms. Cashback received from payments made through our website can be applied at all 4 resorts by informing our reception staff during on-site transactions.
  • The Cashback from payment within any of our resorts is temporarily unavailable until further updates are provided.
  • The Cashback will be applied for all expenses related to accommodations, in-house services, extra bed fees, spas, Santhiya transfer services and restaurant expenditures (NOT included outsource services and previously utilized Cashback).
  • The Cashback of Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort can currently be calculated solely based on spending related to accommodations and Santhiya transfer services that made through our website and does not cover other services within our resort, room upgrading fees, and restaurant expenditures. In case there are updates on terms or any changes to the same procedures as other resorts, we will provide additional updates further.
  • The registered members who have previously earned Cashback from room booking (NOT included total spending amounts directly paid at the resort) can elevate their membership level by automatically checking from our system.
  • The Cashback cannot be redeemed for cash, resold, given to others, shared with other members or exchanged.
  • The terms & conditions are subject to be changed without prior notice.