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Energy Saving

As being energy-conscious hotel, energy efficiency is optimized and involved in choosing appliances and amenities at Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa for example, the installation of light fixtures or bulbs with energy star models. Our guests are also encouraged to help saving energy and environment by setting air conditioning with energy-saving temperature. Energy-efficient actions are always highlighted at Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa.

In addition, featuring saltwater pool villas, a quantity of salt is involved in some complex chemical reactions in order to create chlorine. Conversely, a conservation of energy and resource is our critical concern so that, an idea of using sea water to fill a swimming pool in resort is commenced with objects to decrease powers and resources in occurring electrolysis, to eliminate the cost of transportation in shipping chemicals, and to minimize impacts on the environment by using resources in sustainable and efficient. Beyond the benefits of using sea water, the impacts of poor seawater treatment are taken into our account since we realize that salt and mineral from seawater could affect in dehydration of the plant, causing yield decline or even death of the plant, the taste of drinking water, damage to infrastructure including villa, building etc