Santhiya Resort & Spa

Royal Ayurvana Hideaway Packages

Extravagance surrounds you as our Royal Ayurvana Spa Packages offer the most luxurious massages, therapies, steams and baths for an unprecedented spa retreat experience. Catering to your every desire, sooth your senses and relax with extended spa treatments all in the privacy of the Royal Santhiya Hideaway Pool Villa setting. Dubbed as one of the most decadent and indulgent spa retreats in the land, receive the royal treatment as you uncover all our ancient spa secrets and take part in time-honored traditions with anyone of the following Royal Ayurvana Packages:

Ayurvana Royal Thai Package
Our signature Royal Santhiya Hideaway package takes you on a marvelous journey to ancient Siam. Partake in all its splendor with a Royal Thai Herbal Scrub and fragrant Thai Herbal Sauna. Soak in a warm Thai Herbal Bath to help stimulate the body’s blood circulation and relax as our expert therapists perform a Royal Thai Hot-Compress Massage. Filled with aromatic and therapeutic herbs, the hot compress is directly applied to the entire body for a sensationally soothing massage. End the journey with an assortment of healthy Thai food and beverages to appease your appetite for all things Thai.   
4 12,800.00++/Couple
Royal Purifying Package
Wrap your body in luxurious Dead Sea Mud to start the purification process. Then scrub your body of all its toxins and impurities with a Signature Coffee Scrub. Take a step back into hallowed antiquities with the rare Royal Open Sauna. This Rama II ancient-style sauna has been used for hundreds of years to detoxify the body and infuse herbal remedies into the skin. Afterwards, bathe in a pool of natural Sea Salt and enjoy a Signature Foot Massage to capitalize on your purification package. Taking care of your body from both inside and out, enjoy   naturally detoxifying Thai food and beverages to help accentuate the Royal Purification process.
4 12,800.00++/Couple
Regal Love Package
Love is expressed in many ways and especially here at the Royal Santhiya Hideaway, sacred romantic spa rituals will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. Our Signature Nourishing Wrap and Signature Pineapple Yoghurt Scrub start off an unforgettable time together. Royal Thai Herbal Steams help open up the skin and Milky Mineral Bath moisturizes you completely from head to toe. The Royal Aromatic Massage unlocks any stress and tension as delectable fresh fruit and juice are served to you right in the comforts of the hideaway. Wind things down with the Signature Foot Massage and choose from any one of our Signature Facials for a glorious retreat.   
5 17,000.00++/Couple
Royal Trinity Detox Package
The most unique spa treatment of its kind, the Royal Ayurvana Hideaway proudly puts its best foot forward with a glorious three-day detoxifying spa excursion.
Day 1: Start the day off right with a Signature Dead Sea Mud Wrap and breathe in the fragrant herbal steams from the Royal Open Sauna. Then enjoy a Signature Foot Massage to invigorate your senses and experience deliciously-light Thai food and beverage assortments to complete your first Royal Spa day.
Day 2: The second installment begins with a detoxifying Signature Coffee Scrub for maximum benefits to your skin. Then, it’s into the Royal Open Sauna for a purifying steam filled with Thai herbs that act as a wonderful therapy for the entire body. After your sauna, take the time to appreciate the natural splendor that surrounds you with a light lunch.
Day 3: A fitting end to this brilliant spa experience includes the last in a series of Royal Open Sauna therapies to ensure total detoxification and a dynamic Royal Ayurvana Thai Massage for complete relaxation. Eat well and savor the flavors of thoughtfully prepared and health conscious Thai food and beverages for a one-of-a-kind and once in a lifetime Royal Spa event.
3 Days 22,500.00++/Couple