Santhiya Resort & Spa

Ayurvana Spa Packages

Sense of Gentleness
Start your spa experience with a Thai Herbal Steam, followed by Milky Mineral Bath. Choose from one of your favorite choice of scrubs and finish it all off with an Aromatic Relaxing Massage.
2 2,950++
Detoxifying Skin
The session starts with Thai Herbal Steam, Milky Mineral Bath, Coffee Body Scrub and Natural Dead Sea Mud Wrap. It concludes with a wonderful Aromatic Relaxing Massage.
2.5 4,100++
Ayurvana Secret Sunny
Refresh your skin with warm Milky Mineral Bath - then enjoy an Aloe Vera After Sun Body Wrap. This is followed by Thai Massage and a Sunburn Soothing Facial treatment.
2.45 4,350++
All Seasons Phangnan Package
The perfect relaxation and popular all year long!! It begins with a Thai Herbal Steam, followed by our luxurious Milky Mineral Bath. We then exfoliate your whole body with your personal choice of Body scrub - where your skin will be deeply cleansed and smooth. The scrub is followed by the Aromatic Relaxing Massage. This wonderful treatment finishes with your choice of one of our soothing Facial treatments leaving your skin extra soft, supple and radiant!
3 4,500++
Ayurvana Sha-Sha Relaxing Package
Sha-Sha means total tropical relaxation! Your experience begins with Thai Herbal steam, followed by Milky Mineral Bath to deeply nourish and revitalize your body. We then ease you into our signature Santhiya Thai Massage and Foot Massage. To complete the Sha-Sha result, your face is pampered with one of our rejuvenating Facial treatments.
3.5 4,700++
Santhiya Honeymoon Package (for two)
An excellent way to prove your love, newlyweds and lovebirds alike can undergo body pampering together.

Begin our romantic treatment facing the sea with our Herbal Thai Steam - followed by your choice of a Body Scrub. We then nourish your skin with a selection of your favorite body wrap. Next, we soak your body in our luxurious Milky Bath to soften your skin. Then enjoy our selection of fresh tropical fruit and fresh juice.

The last half of the session will bring you to a state of ultimate relaxation. It starts with a Relaxing Foot Massage, Full Aromatherapy Body Massage and finishes if off with your choice of our soothening facial treatment.
5 15,000++