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Leisure & Activities at Santhiya Koh Phangan Report & Spa , Koh Phagan

Leisure & Activities

Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa is world-renowned for its infinite beauty, brilliant architecture and serene atmosphere but aside from a beautifully relaxing stay at this masterpiece of a resort, discover a world of fun-filled adventure and partake in the local culture to complete your visit.

Outdoor-Water Activities:

Santhiya Koh Phangan Report & Spa welcomes you to an exciting world of great outdoor and water activities which includes everything from trail running and hiking to kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, swimming and windsurfing.

Activities abound for all you thrill seekers at this world-class resort. Experience the exuberating rush of the wild and witness uninhibited nature during your stay. Adventurous souls will enjoy exploring the surrounding beaches and scuba diving with certified PADI instructors. There’s plenty to discover here at Santhiya Koh Phangan Report & Spa.

Shopping-Sightseeing Activities:

Follow the trail over the large sea boulders to reach Thong Nai Pan beach. Stop for refreshing tropical island coolers while watching the gentle sea waves roll up into the sandy white shore at any one of the quaint beach-side bars. For a peek at local living, take a walk into the charming village where you can find small keepsakes and souvenirs to commemorate your visit to Phangan Island.

For the Leisure & Activities in our new website, we should group our Sightseeing tours into 4 categories as follows;

#1: Santhiya Signature Tours :

  • Santhiya Island Shopping
  • Santhiya Snorkeling Hops
  • Santhiya Exciting Escapade

#2: Santhiya Special Trips

  • Full Moon Experience
  • Half Moon Experience
  • Black Moon Experience

Cultural Activities:  

Aside from the spectacular views from the Chantara Restaurant, guests will be delighted with special cultural performances to showcase the beauty and majesty of ancient Thai art and culture.

Traditional Thai dances highlight the very essence of Thai culture. Find yourself moving and dancing to the sounds of traditional Thai music and enjoy the splendor of the intricate costumes that are unique to each region.

The sacred martial art of Mua Thai and its secrets are unlocked right before your very eyes in a spectacular performance at the Chantara stage. Watch the pre-fight blessing ritual and join in on the action as our Mua Thai performers teach guests the art of Mua Thai.

Ornate fruit and vegetable carving is just another one of the cultural shows that Santhiya Koh Phangan Report & Spa offers to its guests. Learn how the experts wield a special carving instrument and try it for yourself to truly understand the history behind the design.

Music lovers will appreciate the traditional Thai instrumental concert where master Thai musicians play melodic pieces from beautiful Thai instruments. Let the gentle sounds of Thai music fill the air and create the perfect environment for you and your loved ones.

Elephant Trekking in Koh Pha-Ngan

Elephants are the largest living land mammals on Earth. Thai history is rich in elephant lore and this venerable beast and plays a major role in Thai history and culture. Ancient Siam has placed so much respect for this mammal and once in history been treated like a God, as to Thai people they are a symbol of wisdom in Asian culture and are famed for their memory and intelligence.

Elephant trekking charges only 1,500 baht per person and just outside Chaloklum you can enjoy an elephant ride through Koh Phangan's jungle. Take a leisurely stroll upon the back of a rocking Thai elephant, lurching and rolling like a crazy drunken fairground ride, pluck ripe rambutan as you pass beneath the boughs. But hang on tight as these majestic old gentlemen of the forests negotiate the slippery, rock-strewn streams, hurrying onwards towards the cool dark rainforests of Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Santhiya Cooking Class

For Adventurous souls who are not only willing to experience the great outdoors of Koh Pha-Ngan but as well as the indoors like the kitchen. Our very own Master Chef Khun God Keawpeth with his astounding 17 years of culinary experience will show you his cooking expertise and introduce you to a wide variety of interesting Thai dishes that will surely add more spice to your life.  

As Thai food is world renowned for it gastronomic dishes. Thais generally prefer hot and spicy food but not really all dishes are equally fiery. Thai food is never bland, but it can be modulated to please most palates no matter how often you dine on Thai food, there is always some fresh, delicious discovery to be made.  

A spiced salad may replace the curry dish.   The soup can also be spicy, but the curry should be replaced by non spicy items.   There must be a harmony of tastes and textures within individual dishes and the entire meal. All these things can be learned at our very own Santhiya Cookery Class which provides pre-selected menu of dishes for interested parties to choose from. Apron and cap is also made available upon enrollment. Mostly Thai and European Dishes are available on the learning menu. Schedule of cooking class is made available upon request and should be at least a minimum of 4 persons per class. For interested parties please mail to info@santhiya.com.


Scuba diving spots in and around Koh Pha-ngan is considered the premier dive site in the Gulf of Thailand such as the Sail Rock, Anthong National Marine Park, Chumpon Pinnacle and The Golden Triangle is the most sought and after and belongs the finest dive sites in Thailand. Santhiya Koh Phangan Report & Spa is a perfect location if you’re planning for a week of diving spree in the Thailand.

Sail Rock is only 15m above and 35m below surface pinnacle that lies between Koh Tao and Koh Pha-ngan. It’s famous for its natural underwater vertical swim through or chimney which divers can enter at 6 metres and exit at 18. It is also the visiting site of many larger pelagics including chevron barracuda, big schools of mackerel, jacks, trevally and tuna. You may encounter a seasonal whale shark or manta ray here also.

Angthong National Marine Park is The setting for the eponymous 'perfect' beach in Alex Garland's book, Anthong really was once home to a group of travellers who'd permanently dropped out of society. They've now moved on to Koh Pha Ngan, but Ang Thong remains as stunning as ever. Exuding a primordial beauty, the park's 42 jungle-shrouded islands are inhabited by a variety of wildlife, including langurs and macaques. Many have spectacular rock formations, secret caves and hidden lagoons.
One of the islands, Koh Mae, or Island Mother, contains an unusual saltwater lake hidden inside a hill in the landscape. To reach the Emerald Lake, so called after the colour, it's possible to climb up the hill and squeeze through an opening where small steps have been carved out to take a look. (It's not an easy climb but worth it for magnificent scenery.) Koh Wao and Hin Yippon in the north of the park are excellent for diving and snorkelling. The best way to explore the rest of the park is by sea kayak.

Chumpon Pinnacle maybe considered to be Koh Tao's premier dive site. Underneath the southern most buoy line lies a large hole and fairly short swim-through exiting at approximately 24m, the perfect depth for this site. Head SSW and after 50m encounter the southern most pinnacle 'Barracuda Rock' where, surprise surprise, you will find a few large groupers and schools of various 'cudas.. chevron, pick handle, yellow tails. Lots of Spanish mackerels and the greys are here. Some get quite large, maybe 3m, although many suspect that these are in fact bull sharks. We also see infrequent visits by whale sharks and brides whales.


Golden Triangle is the triangle that connects Thailand, Myanmar and Laos in the point to where the three countries would geographically meet. The Mekong River view and huge commercial development is much bigger than the one of Chiang Sean nestled in the protective waters and blue lagoons. Discover the allure of Thailand’ irresistible islands in the south, Burma islands of Mergui Archiplego are beautiful and unspoiled, inhabited only by a few groups of Moken sea gypsies and while in Laos be fascinated by Petra Archipelago at Lao Liang Island which offers either snorkeling or scuba diving and has dive spots unique in their own that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

So come, explore and embrace diversity on these new dive sites some has never been published in any diving guidebook and no divers had a chance to discover them years in the past. The nature here has been hidden from the crowd of thousands of visitors and has been restored its beauty over this period.

Diving Course Details       
Dive Trip (License required) : Private  Pax Price (฿) Remark
(Days operate) 
   - Sail Rock (2 dives) > 4 pax 26,000 DAILY
   - Koh Tao (2 dives) > 4 pax 33,428 DAILY
   - National Marine Park (2 dives) > 4 pax 33,428 DAILY
   - Local Site's (2 dives) > 4 pax 22,285 DAILY
   - Chumpon Pinnacle and Shark (2 dives) > 4 pax 39,000 DAILY
Open Water Diving Course @ Santhiya :
Learn @ Santhiya + joined trip 
Pax Price (฿) Remark
(Days operate) 
   - Discover scuba diving       
        Pool & 1 Local Dive (1 day) 1 pax 4,550 DAILY
   - Open water diver 3 days (max 18 mtrs)
       Free DVD of your course
1 pax 20,428 DAILY
   - Adventure diver 1 pax 11,737 DAILY
   - Advanced Course 2 days (max 30 mtrs) 1 pax 16,751 DAILY
   - Emergency First Responder 1 pax 7,057 DAILY
   - Rescue Diver (2-3 day) 1 pax 16,250 DAILY
   - Dive Master includes Free Gas Blender course. 1 pax 49,678 DAILY